Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice


Constitutive meeting of the Board for Internal Quality Verification UPJŠ

    The constitutive meeting of the Board for Internal Quality Verification UPJŠ took place on April 29, 2021 at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. Its activity is focused on the support and development of the internal system of ensuring and evaluating the quality of education, quality of research, development, artistic or other creative and support activities at UPJŠ.
    On the occasion of the first meeting, the members of the Board received appontment decrees from the Rector of UPJŠ, prof. RNDr. Pavol Sovák, CSc.
    "Improving the quality of provided education is a never-ending process, which, even with the establishment of the Board for Internal Quality Verification at our university, becomes an integral part of the UPJŠ academic system. I believe that by applying the highest standards, we will make study and scientific research more attractive in our country and increase our influence on economic and social processes not only in Košice," the Rector noted.
    The quality culture at UPJŠ is expressed by the vision, values and constant support of the university management to the process of improving the conditions of study, research and employment of graduates. The management has already decided to accept the commitment to develop the working environment in accordance with its internal regulations on the basis of HRS4R.
    "In accordance with trends in the European educational area and standards of the Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education, we want to make sure that the study programmes we offer are attractive to students, but at the same time guarantee graduates a chance to succeed in the labor market. To a significant extent, we want to involve other experts from practice and students in the creation and monitoring of specific study programmes," added the Vice-Rector for Informatisation and Quality Management, prof. RNDr. Gabriel Semanišin, PhD.

Last update: 19.10.2022