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Visit #UPJŠ in Košice

Slovakia and Košice offer many opportunities for international students and researchers to study and to work. As the second largest city of Slovakia Košice is the centre of education and research of the eastern part of the country.

The universities, science parks, innovation centres and IT firms make this city a vibrant and youthful place with many possibilities and beauties.

Enrich Your Career

Seize the opportunity to enrich your career in a wide range of research fields and a vibrant learning environment that nurtures personal and professional growth.

Q&A for Students

If you are coming from a programme country (countries of the EU + Turkey, Norway, Serbia, North Macedonia, Iceland, or Liechtenstein):

Erasmus+ KA131

If you are coming from a partner country (countries of the world):

Erasmus+ KA171

All the necessary information for incoming Free Mover students are available at the following site: 

Free Movers

If you are eligible for a stay within the scope of programmes other than Erasmus+, please, contact the International Relations Office at the level of faculties:

If you have completed part of your studies at a university abroad and you are interested to continue at UPJŠ, or you are interested in full-time studies at our university, please, contact the Study Departments at the level of faculties:

If you are an incoming Erasmus student, you will have a buddy assigned by the Erasmus Student Network in Košice. Should you require assistance, feel free to contact the organisation directly.

If you are a full-time student, you can apply for a buddy within the Buddy programme of our University Counselling Centre.

Entry and Stay

Being part of the Schengen Area, citizens of EU member states are, under normal circumstances, free to travel to Slovakia without any preconditions.

In 10 days of your arrival, you have to submit the Notice of the Stay at the local Foreign Police Department, if the accommodation provider does not do it on your behalf (we recommend asking at the reception, or the property owner).

Should your stay exceed 90 days, you need to apply for the Registration of residence of an EU/EEA/Swiss national within the next 30 day by booking an appointment through the online reservation system of the Foreign Police Office. Only online reservations will be handled at the Foreign Police Departments.

For further information on the Notice of the Stay and the Registration of residence of an EU/EEA/Swiss national see:

Guide to administrative duties – online navigation

As each case is specific (depending on your country of origin, nationality, country of university, duration and purpose of the stay etc.), there are several ways of legalizing your stay in Slovakia (visa-free travel, Schengen Visa, National Visa, Temporary Residence, Intra-EU Mobility of Third-Country Nationals etc.) we recommend you checking your situation with the online guide below:

Guide to administrative duties – online navigation

In 3 days of your arrival, you have to submit the Notice of the Stay at the local Foreign Police Department, if the accommodation provider does not do it on your behalf (we recommend asking at the reception, or the property owner).

Third-country national staying in Slovakia is obliged to report any change regarding your place of residence within five working days from the day when the change occurred.

If you are granted a temporary residence:

  • You are obliged to submit a medical certificate confirming that you do not suffer from any disease threatening public health within 30 days from the collection of your residence card. The certificate cannot be older than 30 days. It can be obtained in specific medical centres only and you will be charged a fee. More information is available here.
  • You are also obliged to report to the police department if:
    • you will reside outside the Slovak territory for more than 180 days continuously (in writing)
    • you will stay away from the place of residence stated in the granted temporary residence for more than 30 days continuously
    • the purpose of stay, for which the temporary residence was granted has ceased to exist

As of 1 May 2018, new simplified rules of mobility of third country nationals within EU are applicable in Slovakia, which enable students with a residence permit in one of the EU member states to carry out short-term stays (up to 360 days) in Slovakia without the need to obtain a temporary residence in Slovakia.

For this purpose, we kindly ask you to prepare and provide us with the documents below before the onset of your mobility:

  • scan of a residence card for the purpose study, issued by a member state valid for whole duration of the mobility in Slovakia (a uniform format for all EU Member States, the purpose of a residence is stated in the „Note“ of the residence card)
  • scan of a passport
  • proof of financial coverage of stay – short confirmation of the sending higher education institution stating duration and that the student will be provided with sufficient resources to cover the costs of living, study costs and travel costs for the return to the member state. Document must be issued by the home university and translated to Slovak language by an official translator.

If you are an Erasmus or a Free Mover student, please, upload the documents to the Online Application Form.

If you come within the National Scholarship Programme, CEEPUS, Visegrad Fund etc. or if you are an incoming Erasmus staff member, please, send the documents to your contact person at our university.

The higher education institution is obliged to report the Foreign Police in writing any change influencing the mobility in Slovakia, within three working days of learning about them.

If the residence permit in another EU member state has been granted for purpose other than study or research and development, the process described above is not applicable.  In this case the student has to apply for a temporary residence or for National Visa at the Slovak Embassy in the EU Member State where they have been granted the current temporary residence.

A list of official translators in Slovakia

Slovak embassies may provide the translation of documents intended for the use in Slovakia, if such a service is available. No further verification is required in case the documents have been translated by the embassy/consulate.

If the translation has been made by a foreign translator abroad, the embassy/consulate can verify the accuracy of the translation from the official language of the country to Slovak.

Not all embassies/consulates offer the above-mentioned services.

If translation into Slovak is not possible, you can have documents translated into Czech and have them verified by the Embassy of the Slovak Embassy in Prague (please, verify if it is acceptable before arrival).

The tasks related to the recognition of a foreign diploma or professional qualification are fulfilled by the Centre for recognition of diplomas (CRD) by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

IOM Migration Information Centre

Do you have questions about your legal obligations related to your residence in Slovakia? IOM Imigration Information Centre offers several useful articles on various topics as well as free counselling service.

Take a look at a concise brochure Welcome to Slovakia which provides information on entry and stay, healthcare, social issues, employment, doing business, housing, childcare and other interesting topics.

Everyday Life

As of January 1, 2023, scholarship holders of eligible programmes (e.g. incoming Erasmus students) are entitled to full coverage within the public health insurance if staying in Slovakia for a period greater than one month. The insurance is for free (i.e. paid for by the government of the Slovak Republic).

To arrange the insurance and for more information, the prospective applicant has to directly contact one of the following health insurance companies below:

Application is possible only at an insurance office.

Application is either possible by submitting a filled in form at an insurance office or online. Both online and .pdf form are available in Slovak only. The Slovak Academic Information Agency has prepared a Slovak application form with comments in English.

Application is possible either online or at an insurance office.

The insurance is valid for an idefinite period. At the end of their stay, mobility participants are obliged to inform the insurance company about their departure date via email.

Before departing from your home country, make sure that you are in possesion of the European Helath Insurance Card. The card is issued by your national health insurance provider. Most, but not all, basic medical treatments are covered by the European health insurance. The insurance is covering only treatments related to urgent medical problems. For this reason, we receommend all incoming students and staff members to secure a supplementary health insurance before arriving to Slovakia.

The European health insurance does not cover assisted transport to home country.

The European Health Insurance Card:

  • is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover any private healthcare or costs such as a return flight to your home country or lost/stolen property,
  • does not cover your costs if you are travelling for the express purpose of obtaining medical treatment,
  • does not guarantee free services. As each country’s healthcare system is different services that cost nothing at home might not be free in another country.

Health insurance secured before arriving to Slovakia, either in your home country or with an insurance agency in Slovakia. We recommend that you arrange it in advance as it is necessary for the visa application.

If necessary, medical treatment must be paid for immediately to the provider (i.e. the doctor). The cost of medical treatment will be refunded after you contact your insurance provider.

The insurance must cover the cost of repatriation to the home country due to health problems or death.

We divided hospitals into those with an emergency room, which is open around the clock, and those with an ambulatory emergency service for less serious problems (open from 17:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and from 7:00 to 22:00 on weekends).

With non-stop emergency

Stará nemocnica (Old Hospital)
Rastislavova 43

Nová nemocnica (New Hospital)
Trieda SNP 1 (Faculty of Medicine)

With ambulatory emergency service

Poliklinika Sever (North Hospital)
Komenského 37

Poliklinika Terasa (Terasa Hospital)
Toryská 1

Without emergency service

Nemocnica sv. Michala (St. Michael’s Hospital)
Murgašova 1

Železničná nemocnica (Railway Hospital)
Masarykova 9

Incoming students, staff, and guests are responsible for communication and arrangement of private accommodation. Below, you can find several tips on housing possibilities in Košice.

Be aware that our University does not have any experience with these websites, search engines, Facebook groups etc., thus we bear no responsibilities in case of any problems or fraud. Please, exert caution when searching for private accommodation.

Information about accommodation can be also found at the webpage of Erasmus Student Network in Košice. ESN also offers its service to incoming students in need of securing communication with the accommodation provider or landlord in case of language barrier.

The dormitory is located at Pražská street No. 2 in Košice approximately 20 minutes of walking from the Faculty of Medicine and 15 minutes from the town centre. This dormitory does not belong to our university – it is an external provider that offers accommodation to our students.

Reception is open during the following hours:

  • 04:30 AM – 00:00 AM
  • 01:00 AM – 01:15 AM
  • 02:00 AM – 02:15 AM
  • 03:00 AM – 03:15 AM

Contact Person

Ms. Ľubomíra Mníchová
The Dormitory Manager
00421 918 971 796


Prices & Additional Fees

Room TypePrice
Suite – Smaller room (2 beds)€162.00
Separate room (2 beds)€177.00
Suite – Bigger room (2 beds)€202.00
Suite – Smaller room (1 bed)€252.00
Separate room (1 bed)€297.00
All prices are per bed and per month. The availability and the final choice of room is in the competency of the manager and depends on the capacities of the dormitory.

The rent for the first month must be paid immediately. The rent for the subsequent months must be paid no later than the 10th day of that month by bank transfer. The student is obliged to provide all the necessary details for payment identification (correct account number, variable symbol, and, in the case of a monthly payment, a specific symbol). The accommodation fee is considered paid only after the financial funds are credited to the accommodation provider’s account. Late payments for accommodation rent will be one of the main reasons for terminating the accommodation agreement.

Payment instructions are an integral part of the Accommodation Contract (Attachment No. 1).

Local Accommodation Tax2€2.50 per night
Laundry Fee3€4 per one laundry cycle
Additional Personal Appliances4€14 per month and appliance
  1. Apart from the accommodation fee which is paid for on a monthly basis, you have to pay a deposit of €100 in advance.  If there were no damages caused in the rooms or in the common rooms, you will receive it back at the end of your mobility. 
  2. For the first 60 nights, you are also obliged to pay the local accommodation tax of €2.50 per night if you are 26 of age or more, and/or you lack the student status (student status is proved by a student card, e.g. ISIC). The first 60 nights are paid for each calendar year individually (e.g. if your stay lasts from November 2024 until February 2025, you are obliged to pay for 120 nights altogether).
  3. Laundry room for students can be found on the ground floor. Laundry services operate using tokens with the cost of one laundry cycle being €4.
  4. Personal appliances (e.g. refrigerators) may only be used after reporting to it to the dormitory manager and paying a monthly fee of €14, which can only be paid in cash at the manager’s office.

Accommodation Contract

  1. The agreement is signed for 5 months (Sep – Jan) or 10 months (Sep – Jun). The student is obliged to pay the fee for each month started (i.e. even if you are accommodated for a single day in the month, you must pay for the whole month).
  2. In case of the 5-month contract period, extension beyond January (i.e. into February) is possible only after paying the fee for February regardless of the amount of days spent by the student at the dormitory. For this reason, it is recommended that students finish their mobilities by the end of January.
  3. Early termination of the agreement is possible only upon settling the fees for the remaining months (even in case of force majeure).
  4. Should the student amass unpaid debt, they will not receive final documentation (e.g. Transcript of Records, Attendance Certificate, Confirmation of Study etc.).


The dormitory provides accommodation in suites (i.e. apartments, flats) and separate rooms. Suites consist of two bedrooms (one smaller, one bigger), common hallway, toilet and a small bathroom.

Separate rooms consist of a single or double bedroom, a hallway, a toilet and a small bathroom.

Beds, a table, chairs, closets, shelves and bedside tables are available in each bedroom. The equipment is very old and very modest. The bathroom is very small and there is a sink and a shower hose going from the sink.

Suites and separate rooms are single-gender only. Mixed-gender rooms are possible after discussion with the dormitory manager. There are no balconies.

Cleaning of common rooms and emptying of trashcans is carried out daily. Cleaning of the rooms is the responsibility of the occupants. Bedsheets are available and changed every month.

There is a common kitchen for all the rooms on the floor. The kitchen has electric double plates, a microwave, a fridge, a table, chairs and a sink with a cabinet under the sink. There is also a study room with a table and chairs.

There is a small grocery store located in the building which is open from 8 AM to 8 PM. Furthermore, approximately 5 minutes of walking, there is a shopping centre with several stores.


When you arrive, there is no Internet connection in your room because the interested students need to purchase the Internet connection to the rooms individually after arrival. Therefore, we recommend you to charge your phone or notebook with internet data/roaming data at least at the beginning of your stay.

There is a possibility for Internet connection offered by the SWAN company ( In order to purchase this Internet connection, you will need to visit the SWAN office in OPTIMA shopping centre ( You will sign the agreement with the company, they will give you a router and you will pay the amount for the whole period at once. The price is about €23 per month for a router connection + €5 for a one-time installation. One router can be shared by one room (and maybe also both rooms in the cell, but you need to verify this with SWAN as we do not know how strong the connection is).

There are also other Internet providers.


Visitors to the rooms are only allowed after signing in the visitor’s book at the reception, exclusively between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

Students are required to observe silent hours from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

The following actions are strictly prohibited:

  1. Smoking in the premises of the entire accommodation facility, sticking posters on walls in rooms, common areas, floors, throwing waste out of windows, damaging fire hydrants and property.
  2. Disturbing the silent hours after 10:00 PM.
  3. Allowing the presence of outsiders – visitors in rooms before 3 PM or after 8:00 PM.
  4. Using stoves and heaters in rooms.

Violation of these general instructions will be grounds for immediate eviction of the student from the accommodation facility with notification to the relevant faculty.


On the working day following your arrival, you will visit the dormitory manager to sign the accommodation contract.

When checking in, the student must present a valid ID card or a passport, 2 passport-sized photos (3×3.5 cm), and provide an email address and telephone number.

The student will receive two accommodation cards, one of which must be handed in at the reception, while the student should keep the other card with them and present it at the reception when collecting the room key and when entering the accommodation facility for inspection by the security staff.

When leaving the accommodation facility, the room key must be returned to the reception. Upon arrival at the accommodation facility, the key will be issued to the student only upon presentation of the accommodation card.


Students are obliged to inform the dormitory of their departure in advance.

Erasmus+ and Free Mover students are required to have a document professing payment of all fees confirmed by the manager. The document is to be sent to the contact person at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice (both paper form and scan/photo sent via email are accepted). Without the delivery of the document, students will not receive the Transcript of Records.

If you are interested in staying at the dormitory, please, contact your coordinator at UPJŠ.

Students coming for short-term stays or long-term stays with non-standard mobility duration (i.e. coming over the course of the academic year and not at the beginning of the semesters) and staff coming for both long-term and short-term stays are accommodated at the university Halls of Residence.

The dormitory is located on Medická st. 6 in Košice approximately 5 minutes of walking from the Faculty of Medicine and 15 minutes of walking from the town centre.

The reception is open 24/7. Entrance to the Halls of Residence is permitted between 5 AM and 10 PM. Entrance after 10 PM is possible only after the approval by the receptionist.

Prices & Additional Fees

Long-Term Accommodation

Room TypePrice
Single Bedroom€200 per bed and month
Double Bedroom (two separate beds)€170 per bed and month
Double Bedroom (one person only)€250 per bed and month
Barrier-Free Room1€350 per room and month OR €250 per bed and month
  1. Barrier-Free Room consist of two separate single bedrooms – one for a person with special needs, and one for an accompanying person.

Short-Term Accommodation

Room TypePrice
Single Bedroom€20 per bed and night
Double Bedroom (two separate beds)€18 per bed and night
Double Bedroom (one person only)€25 per bed and night

The choice of rooms is limited by current capacities. The rent is paid in cash at the reception.

If you do not stay for full month, the best price for the occupant is calculated.

Local Accommodation Tax1€2.50
  1. For the first 60 nights, you are also obliged to pay the local accommodation tax of €2.50 per night if you are 26 of age or more, and/or you lack the student status (student status is proved by a student card, e.g. ISIC). The first 60 nights are paid for each calendar year individually (e.g. if your stay lasts from November 2024 until February 2025, you are obliged to pay for 120 nights altogether).


The dormitory provides accommodation in suites (i.e. apartments, flats), which consist of a single bedroom and a double bedroom, a common hallway, a toilet, and a bathroom.

Each bedroom is equipped with bed/s, a couch, a table, chairs, a TV, a fridge, an electric kettle, a closet, and wall shelves. Cleaning of the common rooms is carried out daily. Cleaning of bedrooms is the responsibility of the occupants. Bedsheets are available and changed every two weeks.

The suites are single-gender only. Mixed-gender rooms are available only to couples.

The dormitory also provides accommodation in rooms for people with special needs. The rooms consist of a bathroom and two single bedrooms, thus allowing the student or staff with special needs to bring accompanying person. The rooms and promises of the dormitory are adapted for people with mobility issues.

Each floor provides residents with a common kitchen and a common study room. The keys to the study room are available at the reception. Kitchens consist of a table, chairs/benches, stove, microwave oven, sink, and a washing machine. The Halls of Residence also house a canteen for students.

Approximately 3 minutes of walking is a grocery store and 10 minutes of walking a shopping centre with a variety of stores.


Residents must:

  • Maintain cleanliness in their bedrooms and common rooms.
  • Save electricity, water, etc.
  • Observe safety and fire safety measures.
  • Lock their bedroom and suite whenever leaving for any period of time.
  • Observe the ethics of mutual respect and tolerance towards roommates and dormitory staff.
  • Compensate for any damage caused to dormitory property within 15 days of receiving notification.
  • Comply with hygiene regulations.
  • Follow the instructions of the dormitory director in emergency situations.

Residents are forbidden from:

  • Accommodating persons who are not registered at the dormitory.
  • Moving to another room without the consent of the dormitory director.
  • Damaging the property and equipment of the dormitory.
  • Receiving visitors outside of visiting hours.
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages and intoxicants.
  • Keeping and/or manufacturing narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons.
  • Smoking on the premises of the dormitory.
  • Carrying weapons and ammunition.
  • Disturbing other residents during silent hours after 10:00 PM, throwing bottles and other objects or rubbish out of the windows and balconies.
  • Interfering with installations of any kind.
  • Using prohibited electrical appliances with an input of more than 200 W (e.g., cookers, fryers, heaters, etc.)
  • Keeping and breeding animals, except for aquarium fish.
  • Taking plates, salt shakers, and cutlery from the dining hall to the student rooms.

The silent hours are observed from 10:00 PM until 6:00 AM.

Visitors are allowed:

  • From 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM in the dormitory lobby.
  • From 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM in rooms after the visitor is registered in the Book of Visitors (residents must pick up their visitors at the dormitory lobby).
  • In exceptional cases, close relatives can visit the residents outside of visiting hours.

If residents wish to accommodate short-term visitors, the visitors must pay for each night spent at the dormitory (only if accommodation capacities allow it). For more information, please ask at the dormitory office.


The Halls of Residence are covered by the Eduroam WiFi network. Each room is equipped with a router.

Check In

Upon your arrival to the Halls of Residence, please, check in at the reception. You will receive all instructions there.

Check Out

Please, return the room keys, pay all potential debts and check out at the reception.

Without settling potential debts, the students will not be provided with final documentation (e.g. Transcript of Records, Certificate of Attendance etc.).

If you are interested in staying at the dormitory, please, contact your coordinator at UPJŠ.

Banks in Slovakia are usually members of international corporations. The list of all banks is available at the website of the Slovak Banking Association.

When opening a bank account as a foreign national, the conditions vary across different banks. You should have several documents prepared:

  • Identification document with a photo – Third country nationals may be asked to provide two documents. (e.g. passport + ID card, health insurance card, driver’s licence etc.).
  • Permanent residence document – This is required only in case your permanent residence address is not included in your identification document/s. This document can be anything from the identification document to utility invoice. If the document is not in Slovak (or English), an official translation is required.
  • Document stating the purpose of your stay – In case you are a student, a confirmation of your studies issued by the Study Department(in case of full-time students), or the Letter of Acceptance by the IRO (in case of exchange students) should suffice. If you are a staff member, you should submit your employment contract.
  • Temporary residence document – You can also be asked to provide the address and the proof of your temporary residence in Slovakia (i.e. accommodation or rental contract).

Opening of a bank account is for free, and, in most banks, so is the closing of the account (under regular conditions and if you have no debts with the bank). Student accounts are free of charge. Some banks may require the deposit of a minimum balance.

In most banks, the issuance of debit or credit card can take a few days. Tatra Banka issues a debit card immediately. In the banking app of the SLSP, you can create a virtual card.

For more information, see

Emergency numbers


Universal Emergency


Fire and Rescue


Medical Emergency




Public transport in Košice is secured by the Public Transport Company of Košice (DPMK). Students who are less than 26 y/o are entitled to a discount while using the public transport. Whether a student is entitled to a discount is checked either while buying a ticket, or during transport inspection by submitting a valid ISIC issued by Pavol Jozef Šafárik University. If you travel with a discount ticket without your ISIC or being 26 and older, your ticket will not be considered valid, and you risk paying a fine. PhD students are not entitled to a discount regardless of age.

How to travel (legally)

You can buy paper tickets at most kiosks and supermarkets. Some bus and tram stops are also equipped with vending machines. There are several forms of tickets with the most common being valid for either 30 minutes, or 60 minutes.  

Another option is to send an empty SMS to phone number: 1166. This option is available only to owners of SIM cards from Slovak telecommunication providers, namely: Orange, Slovak Telekom, Telefonica O2 and SWAN MOBILE. The SMS ticket is valid for 60 minutes.

A convenient option is to download the UBIAN phone app, and charge it with credit by card payment, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. The app offers several forms of virtual tickets from 30 minutes up to a yearly one.

Students are able to charge the ISIC issued by Pavol Jozef Šafárik University with credit at one of the customer centres. In this case, the ISIC has to be attached to the card terminal upon getting into the vehicle. The terminal automatically subtracts credit for a 30-minute ticket, although the ticket can be prolonged at the terminal for 60 minutes.

Another option available to ISIC card holders is to buy a monthly ticket, or a trimonthly ticket with the ISIC issued by Pavol Jozef Šafárik University at one of the customer centres. In this case, you will also have to bring the Letter of Acceptance in Slovak language.

The Public Transport Company customer centres are located at Bardejovská street No. 6 (Mon-Thu: 7AM – 6PM), and Rooseveltova street No. 3 (Mon-Fri: 7AM – 6PM).

Unless carrying a valid ticket during utilization of public transport, you can be fined by approximately 60 EUR. Further information about public transport, ticket specimens, prices, and fines can be found at

Parking in the street of Košice is operated by the city council. The city is divided into several areas with different tariffs. You can always determin the area by a nearby parking sign, or parking meter. To prevent legal or monetary consequences, there are several ways of paying the parking fee:

The most straightforward is to pay at the closest parking meter. Payment is possible in cash or by card. Another option is to scan the QR code located on the parking meter or the nearest parking sign.

A convenient way to pay the parking fee is by installing one of the devoted parking apps. Tickets bought via parking apps come with a 10% discount. There several parking apps available for both Android and iPhone devices.

Another way is to pay the parking fee by sending an SMS in form: KE + Area code (A1, A2, BN, CN, N) + car registration number (e.g. KE A1 KE123AB) to phone number 2200. In this case, the parking fee for half an hour will be paid. You can also buy a day-long ticket by adding letter “D” to the area code (e.g. KE A1D KE123AB). It is possible to pay by SMS only from a phone number by telecommunication providers from Slovakia (Telekom, Orange, O2 etc.).

Parking fees*

  • A1 – first 30 minutes are for free, then €1.50 for each started 30 minutes up to €24 at which point the fee for a day-long ticket is paid.
  • A2 – first 30 minutes are for free, then €1 for each started 30 minutes up to €16 at which point the fee for a day-long ticket is paid.
  • BN – first 60 minutes are for free, then €0.50 for each started 30 minutes up to €6 at which point the fee for a day-long ticket is paid.
  • CN – first 60 minutes are for free, then €0.30 for each started 30 minutes up to €3.60 at which point the fee for a day-long ticket is paid.
  • N – first 60 minutes are for free, then €0.30 for each started 30 minutes up to €3 at which point the fee for a day-long ticket is paid.

*as of November 7, 2023

Gated car parks

There are several gated car parks around Košice. These are usually monetized by different tariffs which are disclosed at the entrance to the car park. If such a gated car park is freely accessible (due to technical error or shutdown of the parking system), the afore mentioned parking rules are applied.

Below, you can find a list of some Taxi companies operating in Košice:

Student Taxi

+421 949 07 07 07

Easy Taxi

+421 919 333 333

Hello Taxi

+421 911 434 343

My Taxi

+421 910 340 770

Another option for quick transport within the city are the apps Bolt or Hopin.

Our university has no experience with the aforementioned services. Please, proceed with caution.

Comprehensive information on intercity transport within Slovakia is available here. You can search for intercity transport options via the search engine

Train transport is managed by the Slovak Railway Company. There are several bus companies operating in Slovakia such as Eurobus and Flix Bus.

Students under the age of 26 who are holders of ISIC issued by Pavol Jozef Šafárik University (regardless of the country of residence, or citizenship) can apply for zero-fare transport in trains operated by the Slovak Railway Company (ZSSK).

To apply for zero-fare travel, students have to register online, or visit the ZSSK customer centre at the Main Train Station, where you will be provided with a special zero-fare travel card. Do not forget to bring the Letter of Acceptance in Slovak and the ISIC issued by Pavol Jozef Šafárik University.

Before utilizing zero-fare travel, a 0 EUR train ticket must be bought (online or at train stations), alongside which the special zero-fare travel card and ISIC have to be submitted during ticket control aboard trains.

The zero-fare transport is valid within the territory of Slovakia (if you are travelling abroad, you will pay only for the passage beyond the borders of Slovakia), and it is not valid for some categories of trains. Some zero-fare tickets are bound to a category of trains, and some to specific trains. In some categories of trains, it is necessary to buy reservation which is not free of charge.

The zero-fare ticket is not necessary on routes equipped with a self-service system. See the list of the routes (webpage only in Slovak).

For further information see

Visit Košice has prepared concise instructions on how to get to Košice.

Survival Guide

Find out more about what Košice and #UPJŠ can offer. Our Survival Guide for Mobility Participants will provide you with all you need to know.

IT Stuff @UPJŠ

Academic Information System (AiS) allows you to manage all the necessary information about your studies (courses, schedule, exams etc.). AiS is crucial in getting access to your MS Office 365 account. Incoming staff members and student will receive their logging details from their contact person at our university. The contact person will help you in case you forget your password and block your access to the system (e.g. by entering a wrong password several times in a row).

Student and staff members at our university are obligated to communicate via their UPJŠ email address available as part of the Office 365 account.

In order to activate the account, the first step is to either check “New Messages” in the Academic Information System (AiS) to retreive a password, or, if such a message with a password is missing, reset the password for Office 365 in AiS. Please, follow this manual. The same procedure applies if you forget your password.

After retrieving your login details, please, proceed to in order to log in. After logging in for the first time, you will be asked to change your password.

Furthermore, you will have to set up two-factor authorisation either by downloading the Authenticator app, or by pairing your account with a telephone number provided by one of the telecommunications companies operating in Slovakia.

Student email address form: (e.g.

Staff email address form: (e.g.

Warning for students: While loging in or setting up WiFi access, always use the aforementioned form, because or will not work. Emails sent from student accounts are received under the address form of Emails sent to this form will be received by the student.

The webmail app can be accessed at You can also set up your email in Outlook by following these instructions

University premises are covered with Eduroam WiFi. In order to access it, you need to activate your UPJŠ Office 365 account. Afterwards, please, read these instructions, and then proceed to this webpage to set your WiFi password.

You can either connect with your UPJŠ email address or, in case your home university is connected to the EDUROAM network, you can also use your home university email.

EDUROAM is available in the university facilities (it is not available at the dormitory at Pražská 2 street).

The University Library provides staff members and students of UPJŠ with free access to electronic information sources. Information on how to set up access to them is available here.

ROGO is an online assessment system utilized at the Faculty of Medicine. More information on access to the system and possible problems is available here.

Moodle is an e-learning platform utilized for education and assessment at various faculties of UPJŠ. Logging in is possible with your AiS login details.