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University License MATLAB

0minút, 47sekúnd

Since 1.6.2023 UPJŠ has activated Campus-Wide Suite license for MATLAB. This means that every employee and student of UPJŠ can use the licensed offline and online software tools and educational services provided by MathWorks.

In addition, users will be provided with:
▪ access to online courses,
▪ 20GB cloud storage for each user,
▪ access to a parallel server for demanding calculations,
▪ an application server for storing the results of their work.

The university portal is located at: If interested, users can register and log in at: using a university email account with the domain

Further information about the licence is available at:

By using the Campus-Wide Suite license, UPJS joins the family of top world universities such as MIT or ETH, which are part of the global MATLAB community.

22.6.2023 we invite all those interested to an introductory webinar conducted by Humusoft.

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