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Student Radio Košice

0minút, 53sekúnd
IRŠ ŠtuRKo – Student Radio Košice
Medická 6, 040 11

ŠtuRKo is a student radio, which is operating at the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice and was formerly known as Radio University. It has been operating since 2006. The studio of the radio is located in the student dormitories at Medická 6.

The mission of the radio is to develop the linguistic, communicating, technical and creative skills of the students of our university, and it has already trained several professionals. The radio has 22 members, but this number changes frequently. The applicants are accepted for the positions of moderator, editor, technician of streaming and postproduction, dramaturge, DJ and photographer. ŠtuRKo streams through the internet on the following website: The listeners may choose from the following programs: Pod Prúdom, Klapka, ShowFashion, CultStreat, Drsné Melódie and from several others from Monday to Thursday between 19:00 and 23:00. News about the university are part of the relation as well. The radio also cooperates with other universities. It provides technical and audio support for the organization of cultural, social and sports events.

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