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University without Boarders

1minút, 19sekúnd

Education is one of the basic prerequisites of the society’s well-being and development. The projects of children’s university aim to arouse the interest of children in education and to promote this idea every year. The EUCU.NET Declaration (the European Children’s Universities Network) was accepted in Brussels in February 2010 with the aim to encourage the projects of children’s universities. We aspire to apply this thought in life by organizing and realizing the University without Boarders project every year. Compared to the projects of similar types it is possible to state that our University without Boarders project is conceptually focused on making the world of science and education accessible for the children from a socially disadvantaged background with the aim to support the development of their talent, knowledge and skills. The existing children’s universities declare the availability for everyone, but the presented form of organization was not acceptable for all of the participants. For example, for the children from orphanages it was difficult to participate in the programs every day. We aim to embed the disadvantaged children into the collective by paying a close attention to this handicap during the realization of the project. The event is devoted for 5th- and 6th-year students from elementary schools.

We aim to raise awareness through qualified teachers from various medical, scientific, legal and philosophical fields, and this event represents a unique possibility to present the serious academic world in a playful way and thus arouse the interest of the children in new knowledge.

Coordinator of the Project:

Mgr. Adriana Sabolová

Study at UPJŠ