Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice


Physics (courses offered by the Faculty of Science/Institute of Physics)


Faculty: Faculty of science
Department/Institute: Institute of Physics
Study field: 4.1.1. – Physics, study cycle 2nd
Abbreviation Course name Semester Year
ÚFV/FEC1/04 Elementary Particle Physics W 1
ÚFV/KZI1/03 Cosmic Rays W 2
ÚFV/UFP/07 Introduction to Plasma Physics S 2
ÚFV/UKF/12 Introductory Medical Physics W 1
ÚFV/BSIM1/14 Biomolecular simulations S 2
ÚFV/MSB/10  Computational modeling in systems biology W  
ÚFV/CHV1/03 Molecular structure and chemical bonding S 1
ÚFV/ Cell biophysics S 2
ÚFV/FPK1/07 Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena S 1
ÚFV/KTM/14 Quantum Theory of Magnetism S 2
UFV/POF1b/99 Computational Physics II W 1
ÚFV/SEV/10 Structure and Evolution of the Universe S 2
KOZM Cosmology W 2
ÚFV/MPN/14  Methods of preparation and characterization of nanostructures S 1
ÚFV/EM1/03  Experimental Methods in Solid State Physics II W 2
ÚFV/FTV/06  Vacuum Physics W 2
ÚFV/MKL/03 Magnetic Properties of Solids W 1


Last update: 23.03.2022