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Rector Daniel Pella spoke about the importance of innovations in healthcare

2minút, 46sekúnd

The HealthCare 2024 conference, which took place on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at the East Slovak Gallery in Košice was dedicated to the contribution of digital innovations in the field of healthcare. After a welcome speech by Andreas Truls, CEO of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia, the guests were addressed by the Rector of the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice, Professor Daniel Pella, PhD. 

In his speech, he emphasized that just as in the past medicine used to be “bed side” medicine , i.e. medicine at the bedside of the patients, today almost no one doubts that contemporary medicine is also “high tech” medicine – medicine based on innovative technologies. The UPJŠ Rector, Professor Daniel Pella, sees the role of technology in the field of healthcare as irreplaceable as new technologies, although costly, ultimately make diagnosis cheaper and significantly increase the effectiveness of treatment. We are proud that our university’s employees also take part in the development of such technologies.

“At the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice we are dedicated to several areas of development and application of technological innovations such as telemedicine, nanotechnology development, machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence. These are not only scientific and highly professional issues, but also issues related to law, ethics and morality. The University offers our partners a huge advantage in this respect in the form of the spectrum of its faculties. The scientific part is understandably dominated by the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science, other aspects involve the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts. I have no doubt that the involvement of the Faculty of Public Administration can be very important, because many innovations come to the world and ultimately fail in practical application due to lack of control or inaccessibility to citizens,” said the Rector.

The ambition of the HealtCare 2024 conference was to present the latest and breakthrough trends in the field of digital innovations and to contribute to better and more efficient healthcare in Slovakia. Therefore, it attracted the interest of a number of UPJŠ employees, including the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Investments and the Head of the Department of Infectology and Travel Medicine of the UPJŠ Faculty of Medicine and UNLP, Professor Pavol Jarčuška, PhD., and the Vice-Rector for Science, Research and Project Agenda, Professor Renáta Oriňaková, DrSc., from the Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Sciences, UPJŠ Faculty of Science, who also participated in the event.

Dr Jana Shepa from the Institute of Chemical Sciences gave a lecture entitled “Self-testing in field – future perspectives”, presenting the self-testing of persons by means of electrochemical sensors, which are being developed by the team of the Department of Physical Chemistry in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia.

“In our research, we are developing single and multi sensors for the determination of relevant biomolecules for home self-testing, such as viruses, cancer markers or glucose, and at the same time we are collaborating on the development of an application that facilitates the implementation of sensors for home use. The research is carried out under the auspices of the TERRITORY project funded by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme,” explains Dr Jana Shepa.

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