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Students attended the training “From Idea to Business”

1minút, 34sekúnd

The attention of bachelor, master and PhD. students from all five faculties of UPJŠ was attracted by the training programme “From Idea to Business” within the subject Creativity, Responsibility and Entrepreneurship, which took place in the form of a weekend start-up camp on 22-24 March 2024 in the teaching and training facility of UPJŠ in Danišovce. The event, based on Alexander Osterwalder’s models, which have become a global business standard, was attended by 24 students.

“The start-up camp was focused on modelling and simulations in business based on Alexander Osterwalder’s models. Participants had the opportunity to understand the process of identifying the problem that a customer is solving, the need for market analysis and the challenges of opening a new business or models in selected real-world companies and start-ups, as well as their own ideas. Students worked in six multidisciplinary groups and were tasked with creating and presenting a business idea and plan. They looked at the problem from the customer’s perspective, brought their own solution and addressed the value they bring. They analyzed the market, partners, resources, channels to and relationship with customers as well as the financial part. They had an interactive discussion with Stanley Mácha. At the end, they presented and defended their business plans in front of a jury and the evaluation was done by the Vice-Rector for Interdisciplinary Education and Innovation, Assoc. Prof. Renáta Orosová, PhD.,” said the organizer of the event, Dr. Juraj Šebej, PhD., from the Institute of Informatics.

The organization of the event was co-organized by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Gabriel Semanišin, PhD., and employees of the Institute of Informatics, Assoc. Prof. Pavol Sokol, PhD. and Dr. Rastislav Krivoš-Belluš, PhD. The key organizer from the start-up environment was Stanley Mácha, who runs his own start-up and has worked for many years as a product owner and UX/UI designer.

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