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UPJŠ – Green University

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Environmental sustainability and the adoption of measures to delay climate change are the main topics of the global Race to Zero campaign, which was implemented by the management of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice by participating in the event of the same name in May 2021. The university has ambitions to be a leader in reducing carbon and building “green” infrastructure to significantly improve the environment. The strategic intent of “UPJŠ – Green University” closely corresponds to the decision of the UPJŠ management to participate in the global initiative against climate change and within the global campaign within universities and colleges.

As early as August 9, 2021, the university officially committed itself to a commitment to permanently reduce its carbon footprint. On 19.8.2021 EAUC (The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges) on behalf of the Race to Zero campaign for universities and colleges confirmed the UPJŠ application with the definition:

COMMITMENTS, OBJECTIVES – to achieve (net) zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, resp. by the middle of the century at the latest, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5 ° C
PLANS – explain, within one year of accession, what measures will be taken to achieve temporary and long-term commitments, in particular in the short to medium term
PROCESSES – implement immediate measures aimed at achieving (net) zero in accordance with the fulfillment of set interim goals
PUBLICATIONS – Commit the University to report at least annually to the public on the progress made towards the interim and long-term objectives, as well as on the measures taken
By signing up for the Race to Zero campaign, UPJŠ in Košice has committed itself to respecting five principles:

1. Leadership governance – Management and responsibilities
2. Involvement of actors – Cooperation
3. Education and enlightenment at UPJŠ
4. Research and exchange of knowledge at UPJŠ
5. Campus management – Management of UPJŠ premises and workplaces

Currently, 708 cities, 24 regions, 2360 companies, 163 global investors and 624 universities have joined the campaign. More information about the campaign: At the UPJŠ in Košice, the topic of the ecological approach to research and education will be addressed by the 35-member Council of the Strategic Plan “UPJŠ – Green University”.

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