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Interdisciplinary research – human rights aspects and ethical aspects of cybersecurity

0minút, 58sekúnd

The research team led by doc. Mgr. Gabriela Dobrovičová, CSc. addresses the issues of cyberspace, which brings not only new opportunities but also poses new threats for both individuals and the society. The project is focused on interdisciplinary investigation of cyberspace and the security of activities in this space. The aim of the project is to identify an adequate level of meeting fundamental rights and freedoms protection in the field of ​​cyber security when security incidents are managed and handled by CSIRT units’ proactive and reactive activities. Subsequently, the findings will be processed into recommendations and methodological procedures for these units. At the same time, the project focuses on supporting proactive and reactive activities of CSIRT units. As technological development and its threats are faster than law’s reaction to them, ethical standards of behavior also play an irreplaceable role within the recommendations and methodological procedures. The solution to achieving respect for human rights and freedoms in the field of cyber security is the creation of ‘human rights and ethical framework’ for managing and addressing cyber security risks for CSIRT units and the development of ‘human rights and an ethical framework’ for cyber security research.

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