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Faculty of Science research featured on European Commission’s „Research in Brief“ web

0minút, 51sekúnd

The human ability to understand speech in complex noisy environments is very important. An international consortium led by doc. Norbert Kopčo from Perception and Cognition Laboratory at the UPJŠ Institute of Computer Science recently completed the EU Horizon 2020 project ALT which studied how the brain adapts and learns when coping with such tasks. The project results provide new knowledge about the neural structures and cognitive processes of learning important in many everyday situations, ranging from localizing a ringing phone to identification of new phonemes in a foreign language. Also, tools and brain-training cell phone games were developed aiming at improving the auditory abilities of normal-hearing as well as hearing-impaired listeners. Based on these results the project was featured on the “Research in Brief” web reporting on EU-funded research. Other partners on this project included Austrian Academy of Science and 4 US institutions. Also, the UPJŠ Faculty of Arts participated. With the contribution of this project, UPJŠ became one of the most successful Slovak institutions in the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions

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