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A unique discovery published in the prestigious journal Current Biology

1minút, 9sekúnd

The results of researchers working at the Center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences TIP UPJŠ have recently received several extraordinary responses at the international level.

A significant result is a scientific study published at the end of August in Current Biology. Martin Kundrát is the first Slovak senior (lead) author to publish in this prestigious scientific journal, considered a top periodical in the field of life sciences. Current Biology is classified as a high-profile peer-reviewed international journal, with only a few paleobiological studies competing with major biological discoveries today.

An international team led by Martin Kundrát presents an analysis of a unique fossil of a single species. It is an 80 million year old dinosaur embryo, which belongs to the group comprising the largest terrestrial creatures on our planet. Its uniqueness lies in the preservation of the three-dimensional anatomy, which Martin Kundrát studied using a particle accelerator generating high-energy X-rays. Martin Kundrát is building the first Slovak laboratory of synchrotron imaging on the soil of UPJŠ, focused on the study of biodiversity of extinct life and the environment. This technology has given scientists new sources of information that remained inaccessible. In addition to precise anatomical details, the microstructure of embryonic bones, scientists have also discovered the remains of soft tissues.

This scientific achievement also resonated in the international environment:

Study at UPJŠ