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Novel direction for blockchain integration into the mobile network infrastructure published in the prestigious scientific journal IEEE Communications Magazine

1minút, 20sekúnd

The center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences of the Technology and Innovation Park of the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice (TIP UPJŠ) have achieved another success. Scientists from two universities in Kosice (TUKE and UPJŠ) in collaboration with colleagues from several foreign universities have recently studied key aspects of the implementation of the 6G blockchain.

Applied algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning implemented through advanced neural networks in conjunction with the capabilities of blockchain technology can one day help in the development of control and organization of 5G or 6G communication networks. One of the co-authors of the work on this topic, Associate Professor Denis Horváth from the Center for Interdisciplinary  Biosciences UPJŠ, also contributed scientifically to this knowledge. Due to close systematic cooperation with colleagues from FEI TUKE, incorporated into international cooperation with King’s College London (Great Britain) and Lviv Polytechnic University (Ukraine), an article in the prestigious scientific journal IEEE Communications Magazine with an impact factor of 11.1 was published. It is noted that IEEE Communications Magazine has long been one of the world’s most recognized and respected magazines. The development teams of companies such as Ericsson, Nokia Networks, Google and prestigious world universities publish its articles in the magazine as well. The joint publication with the participation of Košice is the result of multi-year cooperation between TUKE and UPJŠ employees in the field of modern communication networks with an emphasis on interdisciplinary penetration of current knowledge of technical sciences and biosciences. We believe that the successful activity of these scientists will continue.

The article is available from the university network.


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