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Application procedure

In accordance with the Law Act on Higher Education, the admission procedure is held under the direction of individual faculties, with the exception of the university study programme Sport and Recreation. The admission rules were approved in time by the University/Faculty bodies and published. Since many study programmes require a specific assessment of study aptitude, their variability is also natural. 

Applicants are admitted for several study programmes just on the basis of their secondary school assessments (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Administration and many study programmes at the Faculty of Arts). At the Faculty of Medicine and selected study programmes at the Faculty of Arts, the admission procedure was carried out on the basis of the results of the written admission examination. The Faculty of Science, as an alternative to the assessment of the secondary school, uses the SCIO testing. The standardization of the wording of the decision on admission- non-admission and conditional admission minimizes the problems in assessing applications for review of such decisions by the Rector. Even on the basis of the completed appeal procedure, we may state that the admission procedure was seamless and the variability of the rules is well justified. 

When analysing the administrative process of the data processing of the admission procedure, it has become customary to submit the electronic application form, which facilitates processing of the application forms and makes the process of the admission procedure more efficient. Admission in the second and third levels of study is done almost exclusively by the electronic application form, which significantly facilitates the administrative processing of the admissions data. The administration of student enrolments is greatly facilitated by the support of the Academic Information System (AiS2) through electronic returns, including for international students. The electronic return facilitates the process of producing the PIKs for new students. Another important fact for administrative data processing for admissions and enrolment of new students is AiS2 support for pairing the payments, which are made by bank transfer with a precisely defined variable symbol according to the instruction by the Economic Section of the UPJŠ Rectorate.   

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