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Enhancement of bioapplications of MXene systems by their modification using a magnetic Gd(III) complex

0minút, 25sekúnd

MXenes, as 2D materials derived from graphene, are excellent candidates for medical applications e. g. tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. However, their utilization is limited by their diamagnetic nature. In this work the MXene was functionalized by Gd(III) ions providing magnetic response. The resultant Gd-MXene displays paramagnetic response necessary for T1 – MR imaging. In addition, found increased cytocompatibility, photothermal conversion efficiency of MXene-Gd broadens the bioapplications of MXenes. The results were published in a prestigious journal with IF 16.7 [V. Neubertova et al., Chemical Engineering Journal 446 (2022) 136939].

Study at UPJŠ