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The Academic Information System (AiS2) serves to maintain andmanage all necessary information about your studies: from enrolled subjects, schedules, through data on any subject and study programme, to entering final theses or applications for accommodation. Through AiS2, you are simultaneously receive shared essential messages from the university management andteachers, such as information about the scheduled dates of exams, changes in the schedule, etc. If you got lost right after opening AiS, you don’t have to worry. Just take a look at the text or video manuals to help you navigate through it. You can find them after logging into AiS in the upper right corner.

Your “” e-mail

In addition to AiS, we communicate also via university e-mails on Outlook. These e-mail addresses are in the format:

  • (personal identification number)
  • employees have only

Students are obliged to use this student e-mail for communication. Therefore, if you want to send an e-mail to your teacher, it is necessary to send it fromthis e-mail andnot fromyour private e-mail. This allows you to connect via your web browser or the app on your computer.

Wi-Fi a EduRoam
All students have at their disposal a Wi-Fi network called eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing). The use of this network is free of charge throughout the whole study period. However, you need to set up access to it before you can use it. You can do this through a simple tutorial. Free Microsoft Office 365 One of the very useful benefits of studying at UPJŠ is access to a free download of Microsoft Office. This means that during your studies you will be able to use full versions of programs such as Word or PowerPoint, which you simply cannot do without. In addition, as a bonus, you can also use cloud storage witha capacity of 1 TB. You are logging into it using your email details. These instructions will help you.

MS Teams
This paragraph may be unnecessary for you, but it is necessary – only from an information point of view. During the pandemic, the so-called “teams”, i.e. MS Teams as a means of communication – from lectures, seminars to formal and informal meetings – became established at our university: in moments when the physical presence of everyone is a problem. You are logging into it via student email. We encourage you to download it directly to your PC or mobile phone, as it does not always work reliably in your browser. See also how to use Teams and also the extended manual with extensive descriptions.

Moodle a e-learning
Together with MS Teams, the UPJŠ also uses the so-called “moodle”. It is an educational system in an online form – through which you can sign up for a specific course, in which you will have scheduled assignments, tests, texts and other necessary elements of teaching in one place. You’re logging into it using an AiS login. However, not every course necessarily uses Moodle. Information for specific cases can be found in the electronic notice board in the AiS, which can be found in the left menu bar in the student view. For more information on digital forms of education, visit the university website e-learning.

The Intranet is used to store all the necessary data, documents, links and everything that connects to our university. It is really a medium through which you can get to anything you need: from all information systems, through the services of the University Library, to the possibility of booking a university minibus, ordering lunch from the cafeteria or accommodation in dormitories. It’s all in one place.

University social media accounts
If you haven’t yet become a follower of university Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, now is the time. It is through social media that you can get up-to-date information about what is happening in all areas of the university. In addition, faculties, departments or institutes have their own profiles, on which they publish all relevant information about their activities and future activities.

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