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Intercultural Communication Meeting

0minút, 44sekúnd

Discussion on intercultural communication represent a trip into a diverse world of ample forms of culturally conditioned behaviour and customs. In order to foster connections across cultures and embracy the beauty of global understanding, a group of incoming students from France, Germany, Spain and Uzbekistan attended a meeting on the topic of intercultural communication. The students were guided through the workshop by Mgr. Ing. Ingrid Madárová, PhD. of the Language Training Centre of the Faculty of Arts. During the meeting, the students discussed the customs and peculiarities pertaining to their cultural backgrounds, as well as compared them to their experience from staying in Slovakia.

This session was an integral part of the larger Intercultural Communication course, organized by the International Relations Office at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice for foreign students who are staying at our university as part of exchange programmes.