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Evaluations of the student questionnaires at the University

1minút, 4sekúnd

The mechanism of quality assessment of the teaching process (teaching) by students (including teacher assessment by students) uses the results of a questionnaire survey, assessment of the black box content as well as feedback from direct student contact. One of the means of obtaining feedback for the teaching at the university and its faculties is an anonymous questionnaire mapping indicators of the quality of education. It maps: effectiveness and availability of supportive, technical and information resources, pedagogical approach, quality of lectures and practical workshops, attitude of employees of the Study Affairs departments.

The evaluation of the student responses allows a deeper analysis of the teaching quality, including assessment of the teachers, which consequently contributes to the effectiveness of the teaching process and to the improvement of teachers’ pedagogical and social competencies. The assessment of the quality of the teaching process is carried out in order to increase the satisfaction of the students with the quality of teaching as well as to increase the satisfaction of the teachers with their performance in the educational process.

The results of the student satisfaction questionnaires and results of the quality assessment of the teaching process are published once a year on the university/faculties website.

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