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Why Erasmus+ in Czechia? Was it a good idea?

1minút, 48sekúnd

Masaryk University in Brno

Brno, Czechia

These questions accompanied me from the beginning of my mobility to the end. I always knew I wanted to do Erasmus+ at university. I only managed to do it in my fourth year, when the Covid-19 pandemic finally subsided in the world. I had several countries to choose from, but I opted for the neighbouring Czech Republic, specifically Masaryk University in Brno (Faculty of Law). This decision had several advantages:

  • I could study in my mother tongue, together with Czech students, but at the same time I could choose subjects for Erasmus students, taught in English.
  • I had access to the school library, which provided me with an incredible amount of literature and resources that were useful for my final thesis.
  • I got to know the Czech school system as I was a direct part of it, as many of my lessons were with Czech home students.
  • Thanks to the courses with Erasmus students I improved my English and got to know people from many European countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Hungary and Bulgaria.

I would rate my experience with Erasmus+ very positively. It is an opportunity that students once did not have and today this opportunity opens doors to the unknown and connects European countries, offering us travel, temporary study in another country, learning about other cultures and gaining endless experiences that we are unlikely to experience at home, in our comfort zone.

Many would expect that studying in the Czech Republic would be on a par with studying in Slovakia. However, the truth is that the Czech school system is quite a few steps ahead and the studies are quite different from our system. I personally liked the Czech Republic very much, I loved studying there and going back to Slovakia was harder, which proves that doing the Erasmus+ programme was one of the best decisions I made during my time at university. I am extremely grateful for this experience, I will remember it fondly and I recommend Erasmus+ to everyone because it is an opportunity that students should take advantage of during their time at university !


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