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Information and Communication Technologies Centre

1minút, 0sekúnd

The Information and Communication Technologies Centre continued to fulfil the tasks resulting from the concept of the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) at UPJŠ until 2020, as well as the tasks that emerged from the standard operational needs of the University. Realise Administration of Personal Identification Cards (AIO) for all students of university.

As part of the SANET network upgrade, its transmission speed has increased, the Infinera CloudXpress CX100E DWDMs have boosted transmission capacity. In order to optimize the efficiency and security of the network services rendered, their innovation (WiFi, WEB or update (e-mail). At the beginning of 2017, within the Technicom project, the implementation of the second Cisco 6509 university switch at the Faculty of Science and their VSS (Virtual Switching System) was carried out to allow for alternate routing of networks in the event of a failure in the automatic mode. In cooperation with the supplier, this section deployed the in the ICT a pilot facility for Medipark. Also, the gradual upgrading of personal computers has been achieved by mounting the SSD drives, which will significantly increase their performance. To increase the Wifi signal coverage, an additional 10 Wifi transmitters were placed at higher concentration levels of students or the University staff.


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