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You can manage more than you think.

2minút, 15sekúnd

Université de Lorraine

Nancy, France

Hello everyone! I am a student of General Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine and I spent a semester in Nancy, France on a study mobility.

The choice of country fell on France because I wanted to improve my language skills, but also because of the country itself. Nancy is the capital of Lorraine with a rich history and several UNESCO protected monuments, about an hour away from Strasbourg and also close to the borders with Luxembourg and Germany. In a city of 100,000 inhabitants, there was always something going on (festivals, concerts, city tours, exhibitions, also various student organisations and societies organise their events) and there was no weekend when it was simply “quiet”.

The social life of international students is largely taken care of by the ESN (Erasmus Student Network), which organises social evenings and dinners, hikes, excursions, parties, etc. (in short, a rich social programme with something for everyone). Of course, there is no limit to personal initiative, and with a group of friends it is both easier to have fun and to travel around the country.

Internships in the hospital requires knowledge of French, but in return you are a real part of the medical team and you are not bypassed by any of the duties (whether practical or administrative) with which every doctor is in daily contact.

The grant is unlikely to cover all mobility-related expenses (depends on your lifestyle), but it will make mobility much easier financially. Accommodation is provided in student flats (CROUS) of varying sizes (I specifically had 9m2), with private bathroom and no roommates, which are fully sufficient for the needs of an ordinary student. However, it is not a problem to rent a place at a reasonable price, as it is a student town. Meals during the day were available in university canteens located around the city and also in the hospital.

Although mobility also comes with less pleasant responsibilities and experiences (the French bureaucracy required a higher level of patience, but I was always lucky to find helpful and supportive people.), it ultimately fostered my independence, perhaps partially prepared me for adult life, and in the end I absolutely did not regret my decision, quite the opposite. I definitely recommend every student to travel abroad during their studies, to see the world, to function in other countries culture, to broaden their horizons, to learn responsibility, to meet new people and make new friendships, to improve their language skills and at the same time to enjoy and experience life according to the local customs and not just as a tourist. In the end, you will probably find that you can do more than you initially thought.


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