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Erasmus+ Call: KA131 International Mobilities

8minút, 20sekúnd

Call for the PhD students and employees of UPJŠ to submit their applications for an international Erasmus+ mobility to countries not associated to the Erasmus+ programme (countries outside the EU/world)

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice understands the mobilities of employees and students as an effective tool for developing professional and personal competences, and for building relations with international partners. Accordingly, the mobilities contribute to the further development of employees and students, to the improvement of the educational process at the university, and to the internationalization of the university environment. The university considers it important that the possibilities for the implementation of mobilities within the framework of Erasmus+ are used effectively in compliance with the ethical and moral principles. It is also important that the implemented students and staff mobilities are recognized at the individual workplaces of the university as part of the career growth and development of human resources in accordance with the principles of the European Charter of Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers based on the Human Resources Strategy for Research (HRS4R).

In the new 2021-2027 program period, the classical Erasmus+ programme acquired a greater international character as international mobility was introduced into the existing mobility framework of higher education.

“International mobility” is the mobility of students and staff between Programme Countries and Partner Countries. “Partner Countries” means the “third countries not associated to the Erasmus+ programme”, which is the official term. ‘Outgoing’ (mobility) means going from Programme Countries to Partner Countries.

International mobility is embedded and carried out within the KA131 quality framework, consisting of the following quality elements:

The rules of the call are governed by Directive no. 1/2020, which establishes the procedure for the administration of the Erasmus+ programme at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice and its workplaces.

The processing of applications, verifying the documents and the entered information, and the evaluation within the faculties and university workplaces is the responsibility of the management of the faculties and university workplaces.

Further information on KA131 International Mobilities


  • Student mobility: short-term mobility of PhD students
  • Staff mobility: training, teaching
  • Only outgoing mobilities are allowed

Only partner countries are eligible targets for KA131 International Mobilities.

See the list of partner countries

Mobility implementation period: from the publication of the selection results until January 1, 2024

Deadline for employees/PhD students to submit their proposals at the faculties/university workplaces: until April 17, 2023

Deadline for the faculties/university workplaces to submit the final list of pre-approved mobilities to the International Relations Office UPJŠ: April 26, 2023

The allowed duration of a mobility is from 5 to 60 days including days of travel for staff mobilities, and from 5 to 30 days for PhD student mobilities, while for both types the university provides a financial contribution for a maximum of 5-7 days of activity and 2 days of travel. Mobilities longer than 5-7 days can be implemented with the so-called combined grant, i.e. with financial support from EU sources – Erasmus+ combined with a zero-grant period.

Support for travel costs
Distance bandStandard travelGreen travel
 10 – 99 km:23 EUR per participant 
 100 – 499 km180 EUR per participant210 EUR per participant
 500 – 1 999 km:275 EUR per participant320 EUR per participant
 2 000 – 2 999 km:360 EUR per participant410 EUR per participant
 3 000 – 3 999 km:530 EUR per participant610 EUR per participant
 4 000 – 7 999 km:820 EUR per participant 
8 000 km alebo viac:1 500 EUR per participant 

Mobility participants have the opportunity to ask the university for a one-time contribution for green travel in addition to the regular grant, if the participant uses: train, bus, carpooling (shared car), bicycle or their combination.

  • To be eligible for the contribution the participant has to carry out the majority of the travel TO or FROM the mobility via a green form of transport.
  • To receive the contribution, the following must be fulfilled:
    • A Declaration of Honor which specifies the form of transport to or from the mobility is to be submitted to the coordinator at the International Relations Office by the mobility participant.
    • The dates of departure and arrival must be in continuance with the mobility duration.
    • Carpooling is possible only if the applicant is traveling to the mobility with another participant of the same mobility, who is an employee of UPJŠ, in one car at the same time.
  • Based on the submitted documents, the university will allocate the contribution for green travel to the overall amount of the financial support.
Basic rates of individual support

PhD Mobilities:

Participants of short-term mobilities (5-30 days) are entitled to individual support for physical mobilities, including travel days, regardless of the target country: 70 EUR per day for day 1 – 14, and 50 EUR per day for days 15 – 30.

Mobility participants with fewer opportunities are entitled to a top-up amount of € 100 above the basic rate for a physical mobility lasting 5-14 days and of € 150 for a physical mobility lasting 15-30 days.

Staff mobilities:

Target countryFinancial support per day
Partner countries in regions 1 -12180
Partner countries0 in region 13140
Partner countries in region 14160

Employees and PhD students must supplement every application with a detailed description of the planned activities, and justify the eligibility of the mobility.

If more employees / PhD students are planning to spend mobility at the same institution within the same time span, each of them must provide information on the added value of the mobility from their personal perspective in regard to their professional growth and the necessity of the shared visit.

After the mobility, the employee / PhD student must submit a mobility report to their superiors and to the International Relations Office of UPJŠ. The report must provide a summary of achieved accomplishments and benefits of the mobility. The means of dissemination of the mobility accomplishments to other employees of the faculty/ university department are left to the superiors’ assessment.

The employee / PhD student contacts the partner university at which they plan to spend their mobility. The plan of the mobility details and realisation is to be established in cooperation with the responsible person from the partner university. Afterwards, the newest version of the Mobility Agreement Staff Mobility For TrainingMobility Agreement Staff Mobility For Teaching in case of staff mobilities, or Learning Agreement for Studies / Learning Agreement for traineeships in case of PhD mobilities is filled in.

While it is not necessary to secure the signature and the stamp of the receiving institution, the email communication (or an official letter) with the acceptation of the mobility by the responsible person at the receiving institution must be submitted. It is also necessary to secure the signature of the responsible person at the employee’s department, and of the respective vice-dean for international relations (does not apply to the employees of the Rectorate of UPJŠ).

A mandatory part of the application is the Calculation of the Requested Grant. Without these details, the application will not be accepted.

The completed forms are to be delivered to the following persons:

  • Faculty of Medicine employees / PhD students – prof. MVDr. Monika Halánová, PhD. (Vice-Dean for Grants, Development, and International Relations)
  • Faculty of Science employees / PhD students – doc. Mgr. Michal Gallay, PhD. (Vice-Dean for External Relations)
  • Faculty of Law employees / PhD students – doc. JUDr. Marcel Dolobáč, PhD. (Vice-Dean for Development and International Relations)
  • Faculty of Public Administration employees / PhD students – PhDr. Miroslav Fečko, PhD. (Vice-Dean for International Relations and Development)
  • Faculty of Arts employees / PhD students – prof. Mgr. Renáta Panocová, PhD. (Vice-Dean for International Relations)
  • Rectorate and other university units: the directors of the Institute for Physical Education and Sport, TIP, University Library, Botanical Garden, University Counselling Centre, Centre for Lifelong Training and Projects Support, Centre for Information of Communication Technologies

The selection of employees and PhD students is secured by the faculty management at the level of faculties. At the Rectorate and other university units, the selection is secured by the university management.

The results of the selection procedure will be published in AiS2 section Staff Announcements by April 28, 2023, the latest. The results will be also sent to the applicants via email.

Selection Criteria:

  1. The quality of the submitted training/teaching/study/traineeship programme in regard to the benefits of the planned mobility to the department / institute / university unit / faculty / university. The applicant must adequately justify the eligibility of the mobility in the section “Proposed Mobility Programme”
  2. Employees and PhD students whose mobilities support the internationalisation strategy of the faculty / university unit are preferred
  3. Employees and PhD students who actively support Erasmus+ programme at UPJŠ are also preferred (teaching activity for incoming Erasmus students, reception of incoming staff within Erasmus+ programme, membership in ESN Košice)
  4. Mobilities which are based on existing cooperation with institutions in partner countries are preferred as the cooperation ensures higher quality of mobility implementation and valuable outcomes.
  5. Criteria further defined by faculty / university unit.

Every study and teaching mobility must be preceded with the establishment of Inter-Institutional Agreement in accordance with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) – including mobilities at partner HEIs in partner countries.

IIA requirements

  • PhD study mobility: IIA is required
  • PhD traineeship mobility: IIAs are required if the traineeship is held at HEI (e.g. university laboratories, hospitals etc.). In independent institutions, IIAs are not necessary.
  • Teaching staff mobility: IIA is required.
  • Training staff mobility: IIAs are required if the traineeship is held at HEI (e.g. university laboratories, hospitals etc.). In independent institutions, IIAs are not necessary.

Employees and PhD students with approved mobilities are responsible for the organisation of their mobilities: inquiry into the procedures and conditions for entry to the partner country, visa application, receiving of the necessary vaccination before entry to the country, control of the COVID measures etc.

Contact person

Mgr. Mária Vasiľová, PhD.

Tel.: +421 55 234 11 59

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