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1minút, 16sekúnd

UPJŠ defended its leading position in the Slovak higher education domain, mainly on the basis of its internationally recognized research, as confirmed by the Accreditation Commission by including UPJŠ among the four most significant scientific and research universities in Slovakia. The main priority of the present is to ensure that all parts of UPJŠ in Košice base their study on high quality scientific research led by teams of professionally erudite teachers who transfer the knowledge obtained by their own scientific research into the educational process. The UPJŠ staff and its constituents are making every effort to expose the students during the educational process to the state-of-the-art experimental instrumentation technology, the latest information and communication technologies, as well as the innovative methods of education that may then be used in their own practice.

UPJŠ offers a total of 164 study programmes in the year 2017 (of which 96 Bachelor’s, 64 Master’s, 4 doctoral degrees of the associated 1st and 2nd levels), 10 of which are being taught in the English language.


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