Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice - Faculty of Science


IoT Laboratory

IoT laboratory is devoted to a development and implementation of

  • smart systems for monitoring and controlling of specific rooms,
  • aplications for indoor navigation,
  • smart tools.  


  • RNDr. PhDr. Peter Pisarčík  (vedúci laboratória)
  • RNDr. František Galčík, PhD.
  • Mgr. Miroslav Opiela

Lab administrator: RNDr. PhDr. Peter Pisarčík  

Research infrastructure

Laboratory is equipped with standard tools and gadgets for a development and implementation of IoT solutions.

Selected papers

  • M. Opiela, Indoor Localization based on Advanced Point-Mass Filtering Method, In SOFSEM 2019 - 45th International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, 2019
  • F. Galčík, M. Opiela, Grid-based indoor localization using smartphones , In IPIN 2016 - International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, IEEE., 2016

Related projects and grants

  • APVV-15-0091 Efficient algorithms, automata and data structures
  • VEGA 1/0056/18 Decsriptional and Computational Complexity of Automata and Algorithms
  • VEGA 1/0142/15 Combinatorial Structures and Complexity of Algorithms (Finished)
  • VVGS-PF-2016-72638 Indoor model environment acquisition and following localization using smartphone sensors

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Last update: 30.11.2018