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Mesto a dejiny, 2012, roč. 1, č. 1-2

1minút, 49sekúnd

Uličný, Ferdinand: The relations between burghers of Košice and kings of Hungarian Kingdom by the half of the 14th century
Fedorčáková, Mária: Relations and communication of the representatives of the town administrations in Košice, Bardejov and Prešov in the 15th century
Slezáková, Miroslava: Members of the merchant guild in Košice in the Middle Ages. Contribution to the research of town elites in Košice in the Middle Ages
Fábová, Bernadeta: An inquiry into the everyday life of townspeople of Košice in the 16th century
Fedorčák, Peter: Religious issue and the initial period of the reformation in Košice
Marzec, Andrzej: The monarch and the town. Princes and kings versus Kraków at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries
Starzynski, Marcin: Main market square as a stage in the town theatre. An example of medieval Kraków
Jakimyszyn, Anna: The jewish community in Kraków and Kazimierz and the jewish communal authorities in the light of internal sources (16th – 18th centuries)
Kazmierczyk, Adam: The decline of the Kraków jewish community in the Early Modern Period
Graff, Tomasz: Professor Marcin Wadowita (1567-1641), an example of a briliant academic career in old Kraków
Szymborski, Wiktor: Sources for the history of the dominican studium generale in Kraków (16th – 18th centuries). Research status and prospects
Gadocha, Marcin: Testament invocations as a manifestation of the religiosity of Kraków burghers in the 17th and 18th centuries
Gyulai, Éva: Chief judges and urban elite of Miskolc in the Turkish era (1550-1700)
Gyulai, Éva: New institutions in the 18th century Miskolc (county administration, Roman catholic parish church, minorite order, royal dominion and Hungarian chamber)
Chebec, Petr: Opava as a part of medieval communication network
Pohanka, Viktor: Opavian suburbia from 14th to 16th century. A dynamically developing territory or a changeless state?
Korbelářová, Irena – Dluhošová, Radmila: Family strategies of Opavian burgher elites in the period of religious transformation
Žáček, Rudolf: The position of Opava in the context of Silesian cities in the first half of the 18th century 

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